Experts in More than Money



The world had gone pretty darn wild. A combination of natural disasters, a global pandemic and an economic downturn, meant uncertainty was at the forefront of consumers’ minds. This, unsurprisingly, impacted their confidence with money. It left customers looking for support and expertise. 

So, with everyone looking for it, and every brand claiming to offer it, we created distinctiveness by leaning into chaos — making ads that felt more like a Hollywood movie than a bank campaign.



NAB’s brand platform More Than Money had been working hard for five years, reminding Aussies that life was about more than money. But the category soon caught up and suddenly NAB wasn’t looking very distinct any more.

Particularly in ‘uncertain’ times, brands often respond with a ‘warm blanket’ approach. Everything becomes safe, gentle. And all messages of support and concern (no matter how genuine) start to feel the same. Do a quick google search for the YouTube video ‘Every COVID Ad ever’. It’s a cringe-inducing reminder of what we mean.


In wild times, don’t play it safe.

We tackled the Hollywood-style drama in today’s ever-changing world, with Hollywood-style entertainment and comedy. At the centre of every story, was a NAB customer and a heroic NAB Banker, product or service.

We reminded people, no matter how crazy the world; the housing market; the business landscape; the… whatever! NAB are ‘Experts in more than money’.



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