Gut Bacteria Reef



Gut Bacteria Reef is a first-of-its-kind interactive gaming experience to teach users about the importance of good gut health.

This activation educated young Australians by tapping into VR gaming.


According to the CSIRO Institute of Research, despite 50% of Australians experiencing gut health problems, two-thirds still aren’t meeting their recommended intake of fibre.

Kellogg’s saw an opportunity to educate Australian families about the importance of their high-fibre cereals in maintaining a healthy gut – getting kids and their parents to care about something they couldn’t see.


We created ‘Gut Bacteria Reef’, the first VR game set inside the human gut. Gameplay showed families how their gut is much like a coral reef – home to trillions of organisms that need a balanced environment to thrive.

The interactive VR game simplified the science, making the abstract concept of gut health tangible for families. Helping them understand how to protect and preserve the gut ecosystem within all of us.

Players took a deep dive inside the gut aboard a submarine. Armed with Kellogg’s high-fibre cereal, players could take on the bad bacteria and learn about different sources of fibre along the way.

Every pack of Kellogg’s high-fibre cereal became a portal to play on gaming platform STEAM – and to get the game into more young hands, we set up a VR activation at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium during the school holidays, using the space to reinforce the parallels between the ecosystem within and the Great Barrier Reef.


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