e-POWER is an engine innovation from Nissan that sits between hybrid and full EV. 

We teamed up with the automotive brand to mark an exciting new chapter, with a national campaign celebrating the unique benefits of Nissan’s innovative e-POWER technology, alongside a reinvigorated visual identity.


Young, environmentally conscious Aussie families keen to make the switch to EVs are held back by a lack of charging infrastructure and the high entry cost of current EV models. Nissan e-POWER is the ideal solution. Offering lower emissions than a standard ICE vehicle, and the quiet, instant acceleration of an EV, without ever needing to plug in to recharge.


To land all of this in an emotive, yet simple way, our campaign centres around the story of a Nissan X-TRAIL e-POWER in a playful chase with a futuristic, battery-charged droid through the vast Australian outback.


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