R Plates



To highlight the importance of supporting those recovering from road trauma, we created R plates, a plate to recognise drivers returning to the road after a road incident.


Despite mental health and trauma topics being on the rise, only 16% of Australians who had been affected by a road incident, sought professional help. 

mycar Tyre & Auto who are committed to putting ‘People First’ decided to do something about it.


In Australia when you’re learning to drive you place ‘L’ (for learner) plates on your car. What if we could create a plate for drivers returning after trauma? 

Enter R (Return) plates – a plate to recognise drivers returning to the road. The plate was dual purpose. On a societal level it highlighted a previously invisible problem and encouraged people to be more empathetic on the roads.

For drivers, the plate QR code connected them with support services, other survivors and the science behind road trauma recovery.