Wheelchair Ballkid



As part of Mastercard’s Australian Open sponsorship we developed a new assistive technology and a pilot program to introduce the world’s first wheelchair ballkid.


Being a ballkid at a Grand Slam is a life-changing opportunity for tennis-mad kids. But those in wheelchairs have always been overlooked because society didn’t believe they could do it. 

We set out to make the first wheelchair ballkid possible.

Because a world where we all belong is Priceless.


We brought together a network of experts and developed first-of-its-kind assistive technology that allows wheelchair users to seamlessly pick up and store tennis balls with the same speed, agility and accuracy as every other ballkid. 

We also created a pilot program to put the technology to the test, with Sonny training alongside established ballkids in match conditions.

Then, during the first Grand Slam of the year, the first wheelchair ballkid hit the court.


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