To show how tough iPhone’s Ceramic Shield is we put it to Australia’s greatest test: riding the gauntlet through magpie territory in swooping season.


Australians weren’t upgrading to new iPhones. Over 49% were at least three generations behind.

To get them interested in the latest model, we needed to transform the global “Relax, it’s iPhone” platform into a locally relevant conversation. 

We had to make Apple feel Aussie.


The thing Australians care about most in a new phone is durability, so we demonstrated how tough the new iPhone is in the most Aussie way possible.

While tourists are worried about our snakes and spiders, magpies are the only animals Aussies truly fear, with over 4,600 reports of magpie attacks in a given year. Thanks to the ultra-tough Ceramic Shield, even when you’re faced with a relentless, bloodthirsty maggie, you don’t need to worry about your device. Relax, it’s iPhone.


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