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Philips Lighting wanted to launch Hue White Ambiance, the latest iteration in the brand’s connected lighting.

While the range allows people to dramatically transform and personalise their home, most consumers can’t visualise the potential that light has in changing the look and feel of a room.

So we set out to prove the right light can transform the ambiance and mood of ANY home. Our research showed that three quarters of Aussies are afraid of the dark and often feel scared in their own home.

In a spine-chilling experiment, we used Philips Hue to transform Australia’s reputed most haunted dwelling, the Manly Quarantine Station, into a warm and inviting space.

Proving that the right light can transform the ambiance and mood of any home resulted in:

• Over 300 pieces of coverage with a reach of over 48M, all showing the impact of lighting on the home
• Nearly eight minutes of TV coverage, including Sunrise, Today Show and The Project
• Nearly 150K views of the video
• Sales increase of 27%