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Small ways to shape our world.
Igniting Change is a unique Not-for-profit organisation that act as an advocate for several other
Not-for-profits. Their goal is to provoke Australians to think about small actions that can result
in large change.
We created a beautifully simple design language to spread messages of open-mindedness and change. And put these messages into a book entitled ‘Small ways to shape our world’.
Through this book, we encouraged people to think about reshaping the world with small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. This was viewed as a far more effective path to genuine change,
than a typical donation.
The books were given free to Primary School Teachers, Not-for-profit groups and frontline members of Australia’s Police Force as part of cultural training to encourage open-mindedness. And they are currently used in Youth Detention Centres as part of an education program for young inmates.
A limited-edition book was printed to be distributed to the heads of these organisations.
The book will continue to be distributed and sold as a tool to encourage people to take small actions which will make a big change to the world.