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We created a new competition within the game of cricket - the Bolt Rate
To highlight the product benefits of Gatorade (speed and endurance) we created a new metric - the Bolt Rate - which measures the speed cricketers run between the wickets, and got Usain Bolt to train the Australian cricket team toward a faster Bolt Rate for the upcoming Ashes series.

This is a metric that has never been measured before. The story behind the Bolt Rate went global almost instantly with the front page of The Sun’s sport section in the UK being released overnight.

The story of Usain Bolt coming to Australia to launch a new cricket metric and training the Australian cricket team not only captured the imagination of cricket fans over the world, but changed how people viewed speed and endurance in cricket – as being more important than ever in today’s game.

This inserted Gatorade firmly into the sport’s culture and has made it more relevant than ever.