Blame It On The Menu

On The Menu


We served up a fresh new direction for Aussie frozen favourite – On The Menu. 

Our mission; to redefine the category by fighting against misconceptions of frozen food.


On The Menu might just be the biggest brand you’ve never heard of. Recently acquired by Patties Food Group – the packaging, the brand, and the advertising were all over the shop. And growth had slowed. 

When it comes to food Australians are surprisingly judgey. There’s a stereotype that if you eat frozen meals you’re a bit like the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. How could we grow the category and make it more permissible for new buyers to enter the freezer aisle?


We encouraged Australians to flip the bird to frozen-meal haters, eating unapologetically. The new brand platform “Blame It On The Menu” was designed to melt freezer shame. Through a series of scenarios where… … … well… we were going to finish writing this, but that slow cooked lamb looks pretty good. So we’ll wrap this up right here. Guess you can Blame It On The Menu.


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