Melbourne Writers Festival

The Art of Words

Melbourne Writers Festival


This campaign was one of the first uses of AI Visual Models in advertising, globally, 

To restore the love for literature, and reaffirm the Melbourne Writers Festival’s position as a home for forward thinkers, we created a collection of artworks using AI, sparked by passages from history’s greatest writers. The point? To showcase the enduring creative power of words. 



The Melbourne Writers Festival had long been positioned as Australia’s boldest literary festival. However, after enduring one of the world’s longest lockdowns, attendance and excitement for the event had significantly dropped.

In a world of the ‘Gram, streaming, and an explosion of AI, was literature being unfairly judged as dated, uncool, and well, a little bit dull?


No matter how tech evolves, the creative power of words will endure.

While AI generated imagery sparked a worldwide debate on the future of art, no one was talking about what was needed to create it. In one of the world’s first commercial uses of AI Art, we created a collection of artworks to prove the power of the written word.

Just five weeks after the launch of MidJourney, we used passages from some of history’s greatest writers — Orwell, Stoker, Melville — as a prompt to create AI artwork.

Each visual explored the intersection of technology and creativity – creating a collaboration between human and machine that spanned generations. It showed that no matter how far technology advances, great writing will always be important. Period.



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