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When Amazon first entered Australian shores in December 2017, consumers were somewhat underwhelmed with the range (or lack thereof) available. Since then, the algorithm has been learning from customer behaviour and more brands are now selling onsite. They have built up their range dramatically. We therefore need to change current consumer perception by encouraging people to try by overcoming current barriers through building awareness and driving consideration that we now have over 60 million items and growing.

To do this, we set out to make Amazon relevant to the lives of ‘Everyday Australians’ by making it unmistakably Aussie through relatable insights delivered in an unexpected yet clever way. Australia is a unique place. Our lifestyle proudly demands a list from A to Z that is different from the rest of the world. Our unique sense of humour unites us all, as does our laidback attitude. We show that Amazon has Australia’s A to Z ready to go and it’s so easy it makes us feel like ‘Everyday Heroes’ with every order. Everything you need, easy az.