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Kimberlee Wells

Chief Executive Officer, TBWA Melbourne & TBWA Adelaide

Kimberlee is currently the CEO of TBWA\Melbourne and TBWA\Adelaide.

Throughout her career, she has advised many of Australia's leading brands and Government agencies, helping them realise incremental growth through creativity.

She sees her work in the communications industry as being a platform to drive both shareholder value andsocial change.

 Under her leadership, TBWA\ has worked with brand partners to rally for LGBTIQ rights; champion change for women's financial inequality; and improve acceptance of Australia's minority groups. 

In 2017, Kimberlee was awarded Australian Agency Leader of the Year and a Women to Watch across the Asia Pacific Communications Industry. She is one of only 30 global creative leaders currently advising Google Assembly on the role creativity and technology play in our lives in the future. She is also a regular media commentator and a Non-Executive Independent Director.

 Kimberlee has worked closely with Igniting Change over the past 10 years, helping Jane and her team articulate their positioning and realise their vision to 'see the person, not the label'.  In 2018, this collaboration resulted in"Small Ways to Shape our World"  - a book full of provocations that explores many of the social issues our world is currently facing.